The Entanglement Tarot is a deconstructed Tarot deck with hex-shaped cards designed for occult use, allowing the magician to interweave energies and connect to the deck through magical practice.  I have also written a free eBook to accompany this deck that describes many of the inventive ways in which its unusual design can be used magically. And, of course, it can be used to divine and tell fortunes, just like any other Tarot deck.
The Official Website for The Entanglement Tarot has detailed images of the cards, reviews, award nominations, a mailing list, downloadble eBook, and more! Give your eyes a treat and come by for a visit today.​​​​​​​
You can also find The Entanglement Tarot on Facebook and Instagram, and join our Facebook group, Making Magic with the Entanglement Tarot, to learn about how to use this Tarot and get updates on the deck and the Kickstarter.
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