7.3.15: Natural Journal

 July 3, 2015 – Northern Hemisphere



It’s probably a weird time to undertake this project (in the middle of the year), but it’s something I’ve really been meaning to do for awhile, and simply haven’t yet: to keep a journal of the days with the moon cycles, mystical correspondences, etc., so that I become used to them and (ideally) memorize them. It’s difficult to keep in touch with the cycles of nature when you don’t live in the country, hence my need for conscious effort. I’ll be adding attributes as I develop the calendar and figure out what feels useful to me, but please feel free to suggest things if there’s something you’d particularly like to see.

Friday is ruled by Venus; it is a day of socialization, romance, and love.

Herbs: Lime, saffron, sandalwood, thyme.

Colors: Aqua, green, pink.

Zodiac: Cancer

Season: Summer, after Litha/Midsummer

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